Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sensor in a pill

Turned out that my airplane neighbor on the way to the London book launch was the CTO of IBM North East Europe - Rashik Parmar - a smart guy who was talks 'See Yourself Sensing' better than I do.  Among other things, he told me about some upcoming sensors, including a pill with a microchip on it - gets activated by stomach acid and transmits to an external receiver.

Only problem - remote caregivers will need a microchip to remind them to monitor the pill-use uploads.

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  1. Thanks Madeline. Your book is a wonderful expose of how people are using technology to augment themselves. Whilst this today appears bizarre, these pioneers are helping us find the innovative solutions to societal issues. Sensors in pills, will we hope make them more effective.

    Thank you for sharing this with the world and look forward to seeing who it drive forward the thinking in these areas.