Saturday, October 29, 2011

See Yourself Sensing on Zoe Ryan's (curator and chair of Architectue and Design, Art Institute of Chicago) "must read" list

You never know what googling your own book will turn up!  Just found this very nice plug for See Yourself Sensing. Here's an excerpt from Designers and Books blog article: A Tool for Understanding Our Relationship with the World Around Us: Books Every Product Designer Should Read—Zoë Ryan

"While there are more than enough books here to keep designers busy for a long time, we asked Ryan if there are any newly published books that would make it onto her “must read” list. Her recommendation? See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception by Madeline Schwartzman (Black Dog Publishing, August 2011). Ryan says,

'For a number of years I have been researching and thinking about an exhibition related to design and the senses; one that not only addresses the visual and physical sensation of touching and using design but also contemplates other issues connected to how we relate to design through smell, sound, and taste.

This book is a great overview of art, design, and architecture projects that promote new sensory experiences and foster awareness of how we perceive and experience the world.'"


  1. There is always a health tension between solutions looking for problems and problems looking for solutions. The classically issue of only knowing what you know means we all need to broaden our horizons of thinking and searching new insights into the art of the possible. What is unique about your book is that you clearly articulates the range of things that the most advanced experiments are doing. This provides a rich and insightful foundation for anyone looking to the future opportunities to make the world a better place. As such, the book has a worthy position of being high on the must read list for inventors and innovators around world.

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