Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Huffington Post number 2

Harness Up That Snail and Let's Make Energy: It's Time to Feed the Table

Here's my new post for Huffington. I saw Auger and Loizeau's incredible fly and mice eating robots in London while I was working on See Yourself Sensing. I thought that they were brilliant, but I couldn't see them as immediately relating to the body and the senses. Auger and Loizeau produce some of the most intelligent work around. Pictured here is their Flypaper Robotic Clock, a self-sustaining robot. That fly is about to get scraped into the microbial fuel cell. And they call Damien Hurst's piece at the Tate Modern a "cycle"? His cow head, flies and zapper produce a rotting waste of biomass. According to Bristol Robotics, 8 dead flies powers a microbial fuel cell for 12 days

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