Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Erik Hobijn at STRP Festival, Netherlands, this November

One of my favorite works in SYS - Erik Hobijn's Delusions of Self Immolation - is at the STRP Festival EXPO's  Dutch media and technological art retrospective (this November).

It works like this: you lube up with a flame-resistent gel, then you're set on fire for 1/4 to 1/2 second by a blast from a flame-thrower.
In the nick of time the lazy susan you're standing on flips you around and you're extinguished. 
Dark, precise, conceptual, brilliant.

Bottom photos of Martin Hartz Kaplers on the DSI by Viola Pfaff and Peter Wirth


  1. Hello just for some details his name is Morten not Martin ;) he is from Denmark.
    Morten used the film material of his/this burning in a film he made years later 2006 "AFR " that got Tiger Award on the IFFR. Rotterdam film festival in the Netherlands.
    good film ! about some fake gay relation with Rasmussen the head of the NATO now.

  2. So how is the burning incorporated into the plot? Why do they have a fake gay relation. Is this a comedy?